Welcome to Sweet Catch Excursions

Welcome to Sweet Catch Excursions

Welcome to Sweet Catch Excursions Welcome to Sweet Catch Excursions Welcome to Sweet Catch Excursions

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South Bay 525E

South Bay 525E

Lana Houlihan- I have decades of boating and fishing experience and have lived in the Honey Island Swamp for over 17 years. I am also a registered nurse and have worked in the New Orleans region for over 15 years.  I recently obtained a US Coast Guard Merchant Mariners  License to pursue my dreams.  My inspiration comes from my desire to influence women alike to explore the outdoors and embrace one another to overcome obstacles, fears and stereotypes. 


South Bay 525E

South Bay 525E

South Bay 525E

Who says you have to skimp on comfort and luxury for performance!  There's nothing quite like the comfort of a South Bay 25 foot tritoon equipped with a 200 HP Yamaha. When your're not reeling in a big red fish, you can lay back and relax on one of 3 lounges or have a seat at the bar with a cocktail. Sweet Catch is equipped with ample counter and floor space, a nice stereo system, a faucet and sink and a portable potty.


our location

South Bay 525E

our location

43647 Camp Rd. Slidell, La

We are located about 25 miles east of New Orleans in the quaint city of Slidell. Slidell is known for its rich culture. and friendly residents. 

We are currently working on transportation.  Please call or e-mail should you need travel accommodations.

Disclosure: Excursions are subject to cancellation at the captain's discretion due to inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances. Rescheduling or Refunds will be offered should this occur.

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our goal is to please

We are a newly developing company with aspirations in mind.  If you are requesting a service or time frame that is not available on-line, please call or email. We will try to accommodate you and your party.  

booking a trip

On-line bookings can be made 7 days in advance. If you are attempting to book within 7 days please call for availability.


A waiver must be signed prior to all excursions and rentals. 

boat limitations

The Sweet Catch can comfortably accommodate 13 guests, but my license will only allow me to take out 6 paying guests at a time. Spread out and enjoy the extra room!

its not just for women

Although Sweet Catch Excursions was designed with women in mind, we are thrilled to accommodate women, men and children alike.  


Cheers! Drinking is allowed for those of age, however, drink at your own risk. Yes, I'm a nurse but when I'm on the boat, I'm the captain!

fishing team

If you're interested in joining the  Sweet Catch Fishing Team, send us an email. 

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